Frequently Asked Questions

How much notice should I give a removal company of my move dates?

Call us as soon as you have a date that you would like to move on.

The more notice you give us the more certain you are of getting a date you want

It isn’t uncommon for us to have last-minute cancellations so do give us a call if you need a move at short notice. We may have availability

How are prices calculated?

Prices vary a lot from one customer category to another.

Our vans and trucks come in different sizes. We only charge for the space that you use. We will ask for a list of the goods you would like us to move so that we can calculate the cubic volume. This will help us determine which truck or van and what size crew you require.

A few other considerations when determining the price are:

1: The distance between the two places. Additional charges will apply if there is more than one drop of

2: How close can we park to the building? If the truck cannot fit in the gate and there is a long haul to the truck this takes more time and might require a larger crew.

3: If moving from an apartment on a second or third floor with no lift this will require more time and may require a larger crew.

4: Treadmills, pianos, and other especially heavy items will have an additional charge

5: We are unable to stack boxes that aren’t sealed and taped at the top. If we cannot stack boxes you will require a larger vehicle and this will take up more space.

6: Moving antique pieces requires special care and an experienced crew. Some antique pieces have weak spots and are a higher risk. They don’t pack as well as modern furniture and do require more space on trucks

Can I move at the weekend?

Yes, this is possible but we do require more notice to do so and there is an additional charge

Is my furniture protected during transport?

Yes, all items of furniture are wrapped in transit blankets to protect them from rubbing against other items in the truck or van.

Is it cheaper if I provide the labour

Yes, however, our crews are trained on how to lift safely and pack the vehicles so that no one injures themselves or others or causes damage to the furniture. We don’t recommend this for house moves.

Do you provide insurance?

Employers’ Liability insurance and Public liability insurance are included on every move.

The contents of every move are different so insurance cannot be included automatically. Goods in Transport insurance might be included in your home policy. If you would like to take out Goods in Transit insurance with us we can provide that.

Our surveyors will provide more details on this.

Do you provide storage?

Yes, we have a selection of storage units to choose from. Prices vary according to the volume of space you require and the length of time you require storage for. We have outside containers or indoor. Our surveyors will tell you more.